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Board of Directors

2023 Term

Katherine Melton

Organization: Rediscovering You; Founder and Executive Director

Denise Skinner

Organization: Denise Skinner Nutrition Services

Joined Board in 2020

Kelly Mullinax

Organization:  EDCare-KC

Joined board in 2021

Kelsey Coleman

Organization:  Johnson County Mental Health Center/Adolescent Center for Treatment

Joined board in 2021

Kristen Reese

Organization: Rediscovering You; Associate Director

Denise Bradshaw

Organization:  Peavey Corporation and DNI Photography

Joined board in 2019

Lacey Kane

Organization:  Olathe Health

Joined board in 2021

Kristin Hay

Organization:  Community Member


Joined board in 2021

Image by Leon

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