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Rediscovering You Opens Back Up!

After a brief three month hiatus, we are thrilled to share that Rediscovering You is back!

With the recent deaths in our Johnson County community from suicide, we knew in our heart that now was not the time to be closed. We all play a role in helping our community heal, and it is important that we are here to help the healing process and prevent future deaths.

You may notice that our programs and services have been paired back since we were open previously. Due to funding restraints (grants and donations), we have narrowed our focus down to three main areas in order to supplement the great work being done by other mental health organizations in the community. The three areas of focus include:

  1. Increasing and improving access to mental health care through financial assistance, policy change and advocacy

  2. Support for those who have lost someone to suicide

  3. Supports for those in recovery and their loved ones.

In addition to these three main areas, Rediscovering You remains committed to helping increase education and awareness in the community and supporting the work of mental health organizations across the Greater Kansas-City area.

If you are interested in coming alongside Rediscovering You, please consider donating to our GoFundMe campaign, sharing the campaign on social media, and/or supporting the community in healing and growing.

We appreciate you and are excited to be on this journey with you!

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